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We started Madewell Restoration with one goal in mind: to deliver an unbeatable experience to every customer, every time. Our staff consists of talented individuals who have a wealth of experience in their field and we all pride ourselves on delivering professionalism at every turn.

About Us
About Madewell Restoration

How We Got Started

Owners Joe and Matt have years of experience in roofing and construction and have seen it all when it comes to less-than-admirable business practices. From greedy corporations that only want to take big-money projects to substandard processes and cut corners, they witnessed enough that it made them want to go out and do things differently.

That’s why Madewell Restoration is centered on customer experience and client satisfaction. We go out of our way to make sure you feel respected and valued at every turn and we proudly accept jobs that other companies won’t. If you’re looking for a roofing company that truly puts you first, you’ve found it and we’d love to show you why we’re the best in town.

About The Madewell Restoration Team

Meet The Team

At Madewell Restoration, we felt it was important to hire an in-house team that is intimately familiar with our standards and practices. We know that many companies outsource all their labor, use automated messages, or hire temporary workers to operate their business, but we didn’t want to run our company that way. We’re passionate about what we do, and our team is too, which is another way we’re different from the rest.

The Madewell Restoration Owners

Matt Donohoe

Matt has extensive experience selling roofing and siding systems, making him the expert on which brands truly live up to their promises. He ensures that we only work with the best brands on the market and his experience working for larger companies showed him what to do—and what not to—when starting his own roofing business.

Joe kremer

Joe received his degree in construction management and immediately went to work in the commercial space. As an onsite commercial project manager, he led large-scale construction projects for everything from airport parking to historic building restoration and everything in between. Joe focuses on the company’s field operations and overall business activities.